Bond Training Courses have been postponed due to the current COVID-19 global emergency.

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AV Level 1

€ 990 incl. VAT

The Bond AV Course is designed for crew members who are required to self-manage a ship's onboard system and its control. This course takes place over two days and is separated into two main disciplines.

The first day you will learn the basics of video and audio technologies, the various principles of signal distribution, insights of AV system integration and troubleshooting techniques.

The second day covers the control side of an AV system. The main topics are control interfaces, networking for AV, third party control and troubleshooting techniques. Both days are accompanied by practical examples and troubleshooting exercises based on an AV system with state-of-the-art hardware. Here you will gain hands-on experience and can test your troubleshooting skills.

The course is conducted by Bond Technology Management AV division and the programming and IT specialists of A-knowledge. Together we have created a training course that gives a profound insight into the complex issue of AV systems on yachts.

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Course covers:Video Audio, Systems design, Control Systems and User Interface with Hands-on Troubleshooting.


Prerequisite: A suitable technical background.


Location: Bond IT Office.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Duration: 2 days  Can't make it to the next course?  (Email us with your availability).


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AV Level 2

€ 1650 incl. VAT

This three-day course builds upon AV Level 1 through the implementation of complex correlations and hands-on training. You will gain a greater working knowledge of advanced AV Systems on yachts. We also cover an insight on the latest technology announcements and releases relevant for the industry.

All trainers are specialists in their field and are up-to-date with their certifications and skills.

Please email to book your space on this popular course.


Course covers:Audio / Video, TVRO Satellite Systems and Crestron Programming.


Prerequisite: This course is open to those who have obtained a certificate in Bond AV Level 1.  However, prerequisite for this course can be based on experience and an assessment by a Bond trainer.


Location: Bond IT Office.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Duration: 3 days (Email us with your availability)


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