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ISM Code is changing...


Bond TM in partnership with Maritime Cyber Solutions (MCS) is excited to unveil the Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness Training Course, a brand-new course created to enhance cybersecurity across yachting.  As a class-leader, MCS has become one of the first specialist maritime cybersecurity providers to offer yachting a quality assured Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness course that is accredited in the UK by GCHQ.
This course has been specifically designed, developed and tailored for yacht crew and shoreside staff by MCS's leading cybersecurity expert, Dr. Paul Hunton in partnership with Bond TM. 

Your IT perimeter is only as secure as the weakest link. Cybersecurity is now considered one of the most significant risks to businesses, and the yachting industry is no exception. Research continues to show that nearly 80% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by staff, often in error or through the lack of awareness or understanding of the risks.

Training crew and shoreside staff to be aware of cyber risks and prepared for cyber-threats has been a best practice recommendation across the maritime industry for several years; however, with the implications of personal data security under GDPR and the pending changes to the ISM Code to include Cyber Risk Management, crew and staff training is now a real requirement that should form part of any onboard safety and security regime. 



The Online Course


This interactive, instructor-led course is aimed at providing crew, management staff and port side services with an awareness of the issues and considerations necessary to reduce the cyber risks specific to the use of onboard and shoreside technology, especially when connected through the internet. 


ISM code requirements


Recognising the urgent need to raise awareness of cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities, in June 2017, the IMO adopted Resolution MSC.428(98) Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems. Now formally part of the ISM code, cyber risk management is to become an integrated part of onboard safety and security that must be addressed no later than January 2021. The ISM code guidelines state that effective cyber risk management should ensure an appropriate level of awareness of cyber risks at all levels of an organisation. Further guidance states that an adequate ongoing training and awareness program is a crucial element of onboard and shoreside cyber risk management.


Our Services


As part of the Bond TM Support and Services Group, Maritime Cyber Solutions (MCS) provides specialist maritime cybersecurity services to enhance cyber awareness and security in yachting. Whether you are looking to improve your general onboard security, tackle the newly introduced cyber risk management requirements of the ISM code, or meet the technical security measure of GDPR, MCS has the solution.  

The IMO guidelines suggest the first step towards ensuring adequate cybersecurity is to conduct a comprehensive cyber risk assessment. MCS offers bespoke services specific to yachting, ranging from cybersecurity audits and risk assessment, assistance with cyber risk management plans, policies and procedures, through to extensive IT security reviews, training, incident response and investigation, and technical consultancy.


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Ready  to stream our course to your vessel or office? 

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