This half-day, instructor-led course, is aimed at providing crew, management staff and port side services with an awareness of the issues and considerations necessary to reduce the cyber risks specific to the use of onboard and shoreside technology especially when connected through the Internet.


Cybersecurity is considered one of the most significant risks to businesses and yachting is no exception. Research continues to show that nearly 80% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by staff and often in error.


Training crew and shoreside staff to be aware of cyber risks and prepared for cyber-attacks has been a best practice recommendation across the maritime industry for several years. However, with the implications of personal data security under GDPR and the pending changes to the ISM Code to include Cyber Risk Management, crew and staff training is now a fundamental part of onboard safety and security.


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Course Start Dates: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Wednesday, October 16, 2019