Whether you are looking for your first AVIT role, managing the AVIT on board or wanting to brush up on your skills as an experienced ETO, our courses will give you a tools you can use for the rest of your career. 

We focus on ‘real life’ yachting scenarios and offer a hands-on approach to effective problem-solving.  Our trainers, who are staff, have onboard superyacht experience and are certified by Microsoft, Cisco, Crestron and Seatel. 



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Regarding a yearly cyber risk assessment and training for crew,  'I can see a huge benefit to all of that. Ultimately we’re there to look after the client, but from our point of view we really want to look after the crew as well, and make sure they’re not exposed to any risk.’

Derek Munro, Owners Representative



‘Great to hear where weaknesses can be, how to strengthen the company’s defenses against threats.  Good to know legal implications, especially with GDPR. Made me think!’

Tom Alderman, Captain, Elixir


‘Good content covering important topics regarding cyber security.  Having been on a vessel that has encountered a hack, the course helps identify areas to improve cyber security.’

2nd Engineer, MY 70+m


‘Course had very good information on your actions to undertake in your role on board.  Course was well structured into different sections.’  

Reece Gladys, 2nd Engineer MY 55m




"Very good course with enthusiastic and professional lectures. Very well organized."

Neil Still, Chief Engineer


"Having always been a mechanical and electrical engineer on yachts, I used these courses to help with my AVIT skills."

Owen Green, Y3 Engineer


"Excellent overview of IT systems specifically found on the modern yacht.  Great at giving engineers or Captains with working knowledge a little more technical detail and troubleshooting tips to make them more hands-on in the field.”

Daniel Allen, Chief Engineer


“I have just had the pleasure of spending nine days at the BondTM offices in Haarlem, Netherlands, in the company of a number of very talented, experienced, and dedicated IT, Audio, Video and TVRO technicians. These dedicated professionals put in days of course preparation, building demonstration racks, writing software, course notes, creating power point presentations, practising demonstrations, and preparing meaningful hands-on exercises. They arrived every day at the facility before us and left every day after us, making sure that the next day’s presentation was ready.

It's thanks to their dedication, the support of Will Faimatea and the Bond TM company that I was able to expand my self-taught knowledge of AV/IT to a level that I would not have thought possible.

I had been wanting to do these courses for a few years, and finally, the opportunity presented itself this winter season.

The course was presented at the immaculate BondTM offices in the beautiful city of Haarlem, in the ever-efficient Netherlands.

The hosts of the course were superb; Angela, assisted by Aurelia, worked tirelessly to ensure that the students were comfortable during coffee breaks, lunch times, the class room and in our hotels – even finding me a nearby laundromat.

From my point of view; time and money well spent.

Thanks to all at BondTM for their time and effort.”

Captain Emile Coetzee 



"Great course, great location, lovely staff.  Taking us out for dinner was a nice surpise, thank you, I really enjoyed it."

Andy ETO/2nd Engineer


"It’s very useful even without experience in the field.  Recommended for the experienced and ‘dummies."

Yevgen, IT Officer, NCL Getaway


"AV 1 is a great introduction to integrated AV Systems.  Look forward to AV 2."

Simon Bradshaw, Electronics Engineer, The World


"Excellent course run by professional AV System specialists.  Recommend to anyone involved in IT, networks and AV Systems in the superyacht industry."

James Bristow


“Level 2 AV Training provided a better understanding on troubleshooting and diagnosing onboard AV Systems regardless of what specific system exists onboard.  Also provided knowledge to better plan for refit possibilities.”

Daniel Allen, Chief Engineer