We understand that you should be able to seamlessly transition between your residences and offices, with familiarity and ease. Once we know your preferences and needs, Bond TM creates a unique user interface and overall experience that is then communicated to local integrators in the locations of your assets across the globe. For past clients, we have managed the technology systems at up to 12 sites at once, and our team will carry out final checks to ensure the system meets the Bond TM standard. This streamlined system offers a more cost effective and efficient process for you and your estate managers.



Aoyama (Tokyo)

Casa del Mare (South of France)

Chalet (Gstaad)

Chalet (Courchevel)

Clarges (London)

E 64th St (New York)

Herakles (St Tropez)

Hotel Aurelio (Lech)

La Croe (South of France)

Le Rocher (South of France)

Lowndes Sq (London)

Private (Washington DC)

Siheyan House (Beijing)

St James (London)

Tegernsee (Germany)

Villa Cappacia (Sardinia)

Villa Modena (Italy)