Our Virtual ETO® service was created to provide remote support for superyachts without an onboard AV/IT specialist. We also offer support to complement your ETO and to provide a consistent and broader knowledge base over the life of the vessel.


Some companies offer support through their field engineers; with Virtual ETO®, the difference is clear. Our dedicated team of specialist engineers is on hand to give 24-hour telephone and online support. No matter what the time or where you are, we treat your emergency as our emergency.



Bond routinely deploys onto yachts and manages the latest Enterprise IT technologies designed to meet the needs of larger organisations, offering the highest level of reliability, scalability, performance and security. This includes our in-house private email hosting solution.


Many of our AV/IT engineers started their careers in the commercial technology sector, but now also have operational experience on superyachts, so we understand that owners demand the highest levels of service.



Bond was the first to bring AV/IT support services to yachting. This allows us to find and fix many of your onboard problems, even while your crew sleeps. We proactively service your system to avoid failures and provide service reports of our team’s work.



Sometimes a quick fix is all that is required. Our team of engineers has amassed real-world AV/IT experience in yachting; we understand the fast pace of yachting and high standards of yacht owners. Bond prioritises putting solutions in motion, whether for network problems or hardware upgrades. If a solution cannot be found remotely, our engineers will come to your yacht, achieving brief down times, no matter where your yacht is located.



A part of Bond Support Services since 2014, Titan Marine Networks is a market leader in TVRO and VSAT service and installation, having successfully serviced over 1,000 marine terminals worldwide.


The Titan Marine Networks team is always on the move, providing antenna deployment and service to yachts anywhere in the world within 48 hours of their call.



With over 15 years of experience successfully solving the toughest problems in Crestron programming, A-Knowledge has yet to find a device that can’t be controlled.


The company’s founders have trained over 200 technicians in the art of programming and continue to offer courses to Bond’s clients.


As part of the Bond Group, A-Knowledge provides valuable fault analysis of Crestron programming as well as a strong partner for our refit service.


SYNERGY | The HVAC Consultancy

Synergy is a newly formed HVAC systems and energy management company. Headed up by Patrick Voorn, an HVAC consultant with over 15 years in the maritime and offshore industry.


Synergy appreciates that an HVAC system does not operate in isolation, but as the largest space and energy consuming system on board, it has critical influence over almost every other onboard discipline. 



Cyber-attacks are inevitable. Attacks against the maritime industry either shoreside or whist at sea are no exception. Our experienced response teams have provided expert technical investigations, incident management through to digital forensic services for many highly sensitive and significant cyber-attacks. We offer a rapid and effective response to help you resolve and limit the impact of a cyber-attack.