It is crucial that your expectations and your project’s unique demands are considered, putting your practical considerations first. We translate your tastes and needs into technological requirements, without a need to commit to a specific system integrator or system.



We define the features of your future system to match the quality of your expectations and budget, giving you access to a decade of our company’s experience. Often shipyards will need technical data before integrators are selected. Bond can provide detailed system requirements, so the future quality of your system is not compromised and your expectations are met.



We’ve been leading the way for 10 years. Our detailed, bespoke technical specifications allow competing integrators to provide you with ‘apples to apples’ quotes, by demanding specific levels of system performance. Our weighted scoring system objectively rates each quotation from subcontractors and integrators, helping you to choose the best option for your particular needs.



The Bond TM tender review process has matured over the past 10 years to a very precise process and evaluates each company through several rounds of technical and compliance reviews. This process has been invaluable to owners' representatives and shipyards when selecting the companies who will deliver the systems which have been specified. Unlike other processes which are not quantifiable or would not stand up to due diligence, the Bond TM Tender review process has stood up to the highest levels, even governmental scrutiny.


Bond’s team will project manage and liaise between designers, integrators, the shipyard and owner or their representatives to ensure clear channels of communication and quality assurance on a build project. We protect your interests by ensuring integrators and subcontractors meet their contractual and quality requirements, and provide you with regularly updated plans and status reports on the project.