With a combined experience of 35 years and growing, we bring together a remarkable set of talents. We are proud to employ some of our industry's finest developers, project managers and support engineers. Each member of the team represents the company's core values and makes working with A-Knowledge a unique experience on its own.


From custom AV systems to fully integrated room booking software and from high level corporate to government projects, to the world's most luxurious private yacht installations. we deliver a variety of services to provide our customers with solutions that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.  

Find us online at http://www.a-knowledge.eu/



We ensure that your interests and expectations are met, by providing concept to completion project services.   Both short-term and long-term, we deliver services ranging from end-to-end project management to training and managing a team of developers throughout the duration of your project.  



By continuously investing in research and development, we aim to provide a richer user experience against an industry low price,  We deliver more reliable solutions that benefit from system updates an added functionality even long after completion. 



We maintain stability and prolong the lifespan of your installation by live monitoring and pro-actively servicing your infrastructure.  Our engineers are constantly available to ensure your system in always ready to use.  



Our sense of responsibility goes further than the solutions and products we provide.  We truly strive to make a difference for our customers and have a a positive impact on our industry.  



At A-Knowledge we care profoundly about our performance and we highly value our enthusiasm to always achieve the best possible outcome.



The 'always one step ahead' mentality is one of the founding principles at A-Knowledge.  Always wanting to discover new solutions that make it easier for our customers.  



Inextricably linked to our other values, we pursue perfection through constant self-evaluation and improvement.