Bond Forms Tripartite AV/IT Support Service  

By William Matthieson

​Bond Technology Management has announced the formation of the Bond Support and Services Group, an alliance of three companies able to offer a comprehensive AV/IT support service for subscribers on the water.

This year Bond Technology Management will present itself for the first time with its own stand at the Monaco Yacht Show. We had the opportunity to speak with Will Faimatea, Director and Founder of Bond Technology Management while he was in his office in Monaco. The company is now in its seventh year of operation and has grown to over 34 people in over 5 different countries.


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JUNE 2012 

by Bond TM's Zeb Robin

The latest knowledge on cyber security for your yacht.

Copper or glass wrapped up in plastic – now that rivals watching drying paint for a pretty good doze inducer, yet such connections are the nervous system of any AV setup, perhaps the most hidden yet most vital part of the installation. One duff connection worth !50 cents and (in accordance with Murphy’s Law) buried in an undocumented location inaccessibly deep in the bowels of the yacht can render the most expensive, effective, state-of-the-art screen to be about as good as one of John Logie Baird’s early wee-screen, mechanical 'television' machines.


Issue 9, March 2008

Screen your screen, is what you see really what you get?

For discerning purchasers of flat panels, plasma or LCD screens on board yachts, Zeb Robin of Bond Technical Management lays out all the ammo with which to make a choice that is both objectively and subjectively the best. For a recent client, Bond brought in the top screen manufacturers and did a head-to-head comparison. From the results of such, Zeb passes on an unprecedented number of technical tips for that all-essential buy.