Bond TM and EDGE YACHTS invite you to join us in MB92 at the South Entrance for our annual BBQ.  Not only will we enjoy delicious food and music, but this year we are adding educational talks in our offices before the BBQ begins. It's a chance to get to know each other and discuss pressing issues in the yachting industry.  


Find us at Quai Albert 1er, stand AL 13

Our experts will be on hand to discuss your project or current vessel.  To arrange a meeting on board or in the privacy of the Bond TM Office overlooking Port Hercule, please contact

More info to come..... 

Name: Philip Gössele

Position: Project Engineer

Bond TM office: Hamburg, Germany


Q. What’s your technical background and how did you first become interested in this area?

A. I have a degree in engineering in media technologies with an innate curiosity in technical topics. I worked for cruise ship company and as technical head of a video post-production studio before joining Bond.  


Q. Have you worked on super yachts? 

A total of over 1.1 million views globally in the last 12 months makes YACHTNEEDS an app worthy for crew to have on their phones. With their 18,000+ active users YACHTNEEDS established that crew don’t have the time or space in their phones for lots of different apps. They like that YACHTNEEDS has everything in one platform and that the app is ‘made by crew, for crew’.


Currently, YACHTNEEDS has three main functions:


Over 400 Crew and Industry Professionals attended Tuesday night's BBQ sponsored by Bond TM, Edge Yachts and Riviera Wines! 

We had a fantastic time catching up with friends and newcomers to the yard.  We're all in MB92 or OneOcean Port Vell for the majority of the winter season, so it's wonderful to make lasting friendships and share tips and secrets on the best of Barcelona!

The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious, the music was pumping and Jordi the magician astounded everyone with his performance throughout the night. We'll never know how he does it!