Even if you are no fan of on board climate control there is a need for everyone on board to have a basic understanding of HVAC.  Frances and Michael Howorth explain why

Synergy is a newly formed HVAC systems and energy management company,headquartered in Amsterdam.  Headed up by Patrick Voorn, an HVAC consultant with over 15 years in the maritime and offshore industry, it forms part of the Bond TM Group. Here we catch up with Voorn on the importance of independent integrators, and what changes are required within the yachting industry to move the HVAC sector forward.

Bond TM has come a long way in the 12 years since its inception.  Having pioneered the first technology consultancy, 24-hour support service, patented IP-streaming device, and provided advance training for ETOs, founder Will Faimatea now has his sights firmly set on cyber security, HVAC systems, and an all-encompassing offering. We took time out with Faimatea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 to get his thoughts on where the future of IT innovation in yachting lies.


WORDS BY Julia Zaltzman for Superyacht Industry Magazine




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Name: Philip Gössele

Position: Project Engineer

Bond TM office: Hamburg, Germany


Q. What’s your technical background and how did you first become interested in this area?

A. I have a degree in engineering in media technologies with an innate curiosity in technical topics. I worked for cruise ship company and as technical head of a video post-production studio before joining Bond.  


Q. Have you worked on super yachts?