The ‘Titan Antenna Controller’ offers a full solution to monitor and manage your VSAT and TVRO systems on board.


Configure a list of satellites, pair your dishes and switch any single or paired set of antenna’s to any of your decoder banks, all from the touch of a button. Furthermore, the ‘Titan Antenna Controller’ will actively gather all relevant data from your antennas and presents that information in a clear, “one glance” user interface.

We developed our solution so it can be rapidly deployed and easily scale to any amount of satellites, antenna’s and decoder banks. Still, the ‘Titan Antenna Controller’ can be setup to integrate with any custom functionality tailored to your specific needs.

Better, faster, more economical!

  • Niko Brasseur of A-Knowledge is a former programming instructor at Crestron's European Head Office.
  • Clark Dyke of Titan Marine Network was a 7-year SeaTel field engineer.  

Please contact info@bondtm.com to request an appointment to discuss the module, integration and VSAT or TVRO related questions.