The career possibilities on board a superyacht are diverse, with positions available for beauticians, dive instructors and, in recent years, those technically minded folks normally confined to land based jobs.


With technology on land and at sea advancing at an ever-growing pace and superyacht owners demanding the best in entertainment, connectivity and security systems, the opportunity for a new position on board some of the largest yachts in the world has opened up.


ETOs, (electro technical officers) or AV IT engineers can now be found on board many yachts over 70 metres and are charged with operating their yacht’s complex technology systems.


The ETO / AV IT engineer is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of all electronic, audio-visual and communications equipment on board. For large superyachts, these systems are likely to be numerous and complex, including radio, radar, telephones, satellite communications including internet, other communications, navigation systems, personal computers, email servers, TV and sound systems and security equipment.


Modern advanced technology is key to enhancing the luxury experience of a superyacht, so the maintenance of the electrical equipment is vital to the success of any charter or owner’s visit. Something as simple as a malfunctioning stereo or problems with an internet connection can put off a guest who is paying a significant amount for a week’s charter. There are also very tangible safety concerns on a yacht that wouldn’t be found in a home or hotel; if the navigation and communications equipment are not well maintained, there is a real danger to both guests and crew.


The marine systems skills and understanding that can be gained on a superyacht are transferrable to many other industries, both on and offshore. Electro technical officers have a career path that can eventually lead to a move into another marine sector or technology industry.


For those smaller yachts that would struggle to accommodate an additional crew member, there are other options to keep the technical systems running smoothly. Bond Technology Management offers ETO training courses to help the existing crew manage the advanced technology on board as well as virtual ETO services that provide support at sea. This yacht support at sea enables the crew of those vessels to operate and maintain these systems with confidence, as Bond TM can give them the technical knowledge to solve nearly any problem remotely or via the telephone.


For network administrators and audio-visual specialists on land, the advances in technology provide an amazing opportunity to move their careers to the superyacht sector. This is an exciting challenge and a fantastic way to become involved in some of the most sophisticated luxury vessels in the world.


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