Name: Philip Gössele

Position: Project Engineer

Bond TM office: Hamburg, Germany


Q. What’s your technical background and how did you first become interested in this area?

A. I have a degree in engineering in media technologies with an innate curiosity in technical topics. I worked for cruise ship company and as technical head of a video post-production studio before joining Bond.  


Q. Have you worked on super yachts? 

A. I haven't worked on a super yacht, but I did commission and sail for six months on board a cruise ship.  On one of my past refit projects, I supported the crew in the role of a yard-period ETO in parallel to my management work. That was an enjoyable experience.


Q. Do you work on super yachts with Bond?

A.  Yes, mostly I spend time on yachts during the build in the shipyard.  However, for commissioning trials, warranty management, trainings and surveys of AV Systems, I also spend a couple days on board with the yacht in full operation.  


Q. What is the best thing about working in this industry?

A. I like the global feel of the business.  It doesn't matter where you are from, it is mainly about your skills and your contribution to the project.  Also, it is quite a unique field where you come across AV solutions and products that are extremely high-end and specialized. 


Q. How long have you worked at Bond TM?

A. I have been with Bond since 2012. 


Q. Which office do you work in and what are your main responsibilities/areas of work?

A. I am based in our Hamburg office as a Project Engineer, however the main part of our project work happens on the vessel where it is in build or refit.  There I work with build teams, yard and crew to ensure the best outcome.  I'm also happy to be part of our training team, sharing my day-to-day experience with our trainees, and of course learning from them as well.  


Q. What is your favourite thing about working for Bond TM?

A. I like working for Bond because of the wide variety of topics we are dealing with every day.  As an AV project engineer, I deal with 80% of the companies working on board during a build or refit.  It is never boring, and I learn new things every day. 


Q. How should someone without a professional technical background get started on the path to becoming an ETO?

A. Curiosity for AV/IT.  I believe you can learn a lot about AV and IT, but you need to have a natural curiosity and interest in AV/IT to connect the dots.  If you are planning to deal with complete AV/IT systems, this is a must to become a good ETO.  


Q. What’s the best source of news that you’d recommend to others?

A. Talk to people at trade shows and research the products and solutions before and afterward.  Communication is key to staying in the loop.