Position: Founder of A-Knowledge, part of Bond Support Services


Office location: Belgium 


Website: a-knowledge.eu


Q. What’s your technical background and where has it brought you?

A.  I studied IT and soon after joined Crestron.  I was there 8 years before creating my own company A-Knowledge, so it’s safe to  say I’ve done this all my (professional) life.  Our affiliation with the Bond group began almost immediately after starting A-Knowledge. 


Q. Have you worked on super yachts? 

A.  When I was Technical Director of Crestron I worked on some cases of support or consultancy of superyachts.  Upon joining with Bond though, we became a relevant name within the Crestron world on superyachts and grew the support and service side of our business along with consultancy of a 147m and a 156m.  In the past few years our refits sector has grown to not only include upgrades, but also requests for development of the entire system.  


Q. What is the best thing about working in this industry?

A.  Mostly the fact that the industry is laid back, but at the same time strives for extreme quality. Meaning, we get to work with people who are very pleasant to work with and always try achieve the level of quality we are after.


That fits so nicely with our company culture, so it is not surprising we get along with all of our colleagues in the Bond group.


Q. What are your main responsibilities/areas of work?

A.  I take care of the day to day business management as well as contribute to our R&D as a developer. On top of that, I teach classes on AV with Bond TM. I enjoy the latter primarily because of the people you get to meet and enrich. It’s satisfying to know that you've contributed to making their day to day live easier, by teaching them a thing or two about their installation and AV in general.


Q. What is your favourite thing about working with Bond TM?

A.  The people. The culture of both companies is so much inline that we enjoy working together as one team. Again, the atmosphere is super relaxed on one side, but highly demanding on the other.


Q. How should someone without a professional technical background get started on the path to becoming an ETO?

A. They could definitely get a leg up by acquiring some basic knowledge about more complex AV systems. The Bond AV courses provide exactly that, so that would be a great start.


Q. What’s the best source of news that you’d recommend to others?

A. Hmm… for news regarding Crestron in particular I would suggest certain social media groups and forums. Other than that, I’d recommend staying informed through official channels of certain manufacturers and influencers in the AV industry, mostly by subscribing to their social media news feeds.


Other than that, I’d recommend working with a solid partner who can digest such news and update you depending on the relevance of your AV system or personal general interest.


Q: Why do you like teaching?

A: Primarily because of the people you get to meet and enrich. It’s satisfying to know that you've contributed to making their day to day live easier, by teaching them a thing or two about their installation and AV in general.


Q: What about the Pack solution.  What is it and why did you create it? 

A: The Pack solution evolved naturally from rolling out Crestron systems faster, better and more cost efficient. It started off being an internal web application that we used to document the entire system, after which this documentation then generates the necessary logic for all areas. This drew attention from our customers seeing this as a web application that they could use as well for self service and maintaining their system. Ever since we have been expanding on features and functionality that aim to make our lives and the lives of our partners and customer easier.

Simply put, it makes deploying and maintaining your Crestron system faster, better and cheaper.


Q: And the Satellite Management System you created with Clark Dyke of Titan Marine Networks?

A: We designed a system that allows crew on board a private yacht to efficiently manage their TVRO and VSAT satellite systems. Using our module, they can create and maintain a list of satellite feeds and command the vessel’s antennas to track those feeds automatically. The module enables them to pair antennas to ensure signal feed while traveling. Any feed being tracked can then be easily switched to the appropriate decoders and decoder banks.

Furthermore, the Titan ‘Satellite Management System’ actively gathers all relevant data from your antennas and presents that information in a clear, “one glance” user interface. We developed our solution so it can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled to any amount of satellites, antennas and decoder banks. Still, the ‘Satellite Management System’ can be setup to integrate with any custom functionality tailored to your specific needs.


Read more at a-knowledge.eu