Thanks to One Ocean Port Vell and MB92 for helping us spread the word about our Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness courses. In conjunction with Maritime Cyber Solutions,  Bobd TM ran two successful courses on the 15th and 16th of October in the Clock House Building inside MB92 Shipyard.  


Taught by Jeroen Klaassen, Senior IT Systems Engineer who, prior to joining Bond, delivered high end Microsoft and MS Exchange courses as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Consultant for over 12 years.  Specialising in Windows networking, Active directory, virtualisation and MS Exchange, he is an expert at design, implementation and management of systems for small and enterprise businesses.  The combination of his skills make him an excellent teacher, able to explain cyber crime from its roots.   


Here is some feedback from those who attended: 


‘Great to hear where weaknesses can be, how to strengthen the company’s defenses against threats.  Good to know legal implications, especially with GDPR. Made me think!’

- Tom Alderman, Captain, Elixir


‘Good content covering important topics regarding cyber security.  Having been on a vessel that has encountered a hack, the course helps identify areas to improve cyber security.’

- 2nd Engineer, MY 70+m


‘Course had very good information on your actions to undertake in your role on board.  Course was well structured into different sections.’  

- Reece Gladys, 2nd Engineer MY 55m