Are our passwords stored safely?

Do we have a protocol for when payment details change?

Does our insurance cover cybercrime? 


These are questions that have been bouncing around the yachts for some time, and Dr. Paul Hunton knows all too well the repercussions of cybercrime on yachts and in the commercial world.  He has not only created a Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness course centered around the ISM Regulations that will come into place January 2021, but he has given us 45 minutes of his time the last couple weeks to answer any question crew and managment has regarding the topics listed above and more.  


Join our Zoom call Wednesday 17th June and ask the questions regarding cyber risk awaress that you've been disussuing on board.  


Ready for the Course?  We'll organize a 4-hour course streamed straight to your crew mess.  It's confidential and easy to understand.  We'll send you the course booklet and a certificate per participant.  Our Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness Course is GCHQ accredited in the UK. 


Contact to sign up for the call or the course!