Bond TM has announced that it will host the the Friday night party at the Pinmar Golf, inadvertently marking its 10th year anniversary. 

Bond Technology Management has announced that it will again be hosting the Friday night party at this year’s Pinmar Golf, a well-established and leading social event in the superyacht industry’s calendar, after the successes of years gone by.


Held on 21 October, the exclusive invitation-only party will be hosted at the newly reopened Wellies Restaurant in Puerto Portals. It will inadvertently mark Bond Technology Management’s 10th successful year of business.


“We’ve been involved with the Pinmar Golf for several years and see it as a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and together raise awareness for some very important causes”, says Will Faimatea, director and founder of Bond TM, which is a Condor sponsor for the main event. "This year we have a five-piece band and some special performances to make it a very entertaining night."