It’s one of our core principles at Bond TM to continually invest in the training of our team of IT engineers. This helps us to ensure that our clients are given the best and most up-to-date advice for superyacht refit and new build projects, as well as ongoing support on board.


We are pleased to announce that one of the most experienced and senior team members in Bond TM’s superyacht technology support division, Michel Werner (pictured), has passed his Cisco Certified Network Professsional, or CCNP, course in networking, which is the second highest Cisco qualification for IT engineers in this branch of study.


Following on from the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), the CCNP is a complex and extensive networks course for IT professionals and forms part of six branches taught for Cisco systems. It has given Michal a deeper understanding of network operation and management, including highly complex debugging and design, he says.


“Being a CCNP certified engineer gives me the confidence to look client in the eye say "we will fix your network for you” “we can make it work”, knowing we really can do it. The biggest benefit to our clients is being able to see a more detailed and wider picture of what is happing with their onboard superyacht technology," says Michal, who works in the Bond TM Amsterdam office.