This is a selection of the projects that we have worked on, both for new builds and refits, in many cases for multiple upgrades.



M/Y Triple Seven (68m, 2006)

M/Y Turmoil (64m, 2006)

M/Y Wind (59m, 2007)

M/Y Mayan Queen (IV) (92m, 2008)

M/Y Sarafsa (82m, 2008)

M/Y Lady Luck (59m, 2009)

M/Y Oberon (51m, 2009)

M/Y Silver Angel (43m, 2009)

M/Y Vibrant Curiosity (86m, 2009)

M/Y Eclipse (162m, 2010)

M/Y Luna (115m, 2010)

M/Y Sunrays (85m, 2010)

M/Y Titan (78m, 2010)

M/Y Umbra (51m, 2010)

M/Y Alpha (62m, 2011)

M/Y Sapphire (74m, 2011)

M/Y Tango (78m, 2011)

M/Y Flying Fox (74m, 2012)

M/Y Mogambo (74m, 2012)

M/Y Azzam (180m, 2013)

M/Y Sea Owl (62m, 2014)

M/Y Lady Lara (91m, 2015)

M/Y Dilbar (156m, 2016)

Under construction:

M/Y Project 1 (72m)

M/Y Project 2 (81m)

M/Y Project 3 (62m)

M/Y Project 4 (90m)

M/Y Project 5 (90m)

M/Y Project 7 (99m)

6501 (98m)

Project Promise

Project Vertigo




M/Y Astrid Conroy (58m)

M/Y Ecstasea (86m)

M/Y Kogo (72m)

M/Y Lady Lara (59m)

M/Y Marina Wonder (38m)

M/Y Oberon (82m)

M/Y Pelorus (115m)

M/Y Polar Star (63m)

M/Y Queen K (73m)

M/Y Sea Rhapsody (66m)

M/Y Shadowl (43m)

M/Y Siren (74m)

M/Y Sussurro (50m)

M/Y Spirit (55m)

M/V Sputnik (60m)

M/Y Triple Seven (68m)

M/Y Turquoise (55m)

M/Y *** (67m)

M/Y *** (80m)

M/Y Maryah (126m)

M/Y Global

M/Y Titan

M/Y *** (134m)