Synergy is a newly formed HVAC systems and energy management company. Headed up by Patrick Voorn, an HVAC consultant with over 15 years in the maritime and offshore industry, our team boasts more than 25 years of cumulative experience and expert technical knowledge.


At Synergy, we support you at every stage of your project. We fully appreciate that an HVAC system does not operate in isolation, but as the largest space and energy consuming system on board it has critical influence over almost every other onboard discipline. From the yacht’s profile and sophisticated interior to the amount of technical space required and the environmental footprint, the overall design and integration of an HVAC system is intrinsic to the smooth operation of a yacht.


We advise on energy savings, system improvements, equipment specifications, comfort solutions, onboard surveys, and more. We pride ourselves on being a flexible company on whom you can rely on when making tough decisions during your project.



In 2017, Patrick Voorn approached Bond TM with collaboration in mind. In 2018, Synergy - The HVAC consultancy – was founded and now serves as part of the Bond Group. “Patrick has shown he has the expertise within the HVAC field, and together with our engineering and systems management experience, we are delivering the same superior level of consultancy within the HVAC arena,” comments Will Faimatea, Director and Founder of Bond TM. “Our engineers are already working together with Patrick and his team, and we are excited to enter this new partnership.”

“Whilst working on a large new build, I met Zeb Robin and Norman Janneck of Bond TM,” comments Patrick Voorn. “I immediately noticed their high level of quality output, and that the team was so well organised that they had full control over their scope of the project. The methodologies and processes that Bond TM operate by are, in almost every stage, closely matched to the HVAC process. Will Faimatea gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my own skills and organisation, and one year on here we are, a proud partner of the Bond Group. We can’t wait to be involved in more projects together.”








An HVAC system is not a standalone product. It greatly impacts on all other systems on a yacht and consumes the most space and energy on board. That is why our primary aim is to clearly identify your needs and wishes in order to best advise you on a tailor-made HVAC system that is fully integrated, and doesn't require committing to a particular supplier.




How you expect your HVAC system to work, and how it actually operates are not necessarily the same. At SYNERGY, we believe the system design should exceed your expectations on both quality and comfort, which is why we ensure your HVAC system is pre-determined to your specific needs and preferences. Our knowledge of the limitations and experience of the potential will eliminate any of your concerns as we guide you through the process and help you to realize your vision. With your functional specifications in mind, we can design a fully bespoke HVAC system for your yacht before you have even spoken to a shipyard or systems supplier.




An HVAC system is highly complex, and hugely effects your design, comfort, fuel consumption and electrical load balance. To fully understand the technical specifications and impact of your choices, it is best to seek the expert advice of a professional who does not only have specific HVAC knowledge, but also understands your needs and requirements. Integral decisions, such as which climate or temperature to have in certain areas, and whether your equipment is ventilated properly can all be laid out by us in a tailor-made specification. We guide you through the integrators’ offer and adjust it to your demands, and when the need arises to choose between multiple offers, we support you by providing fair and thorough comparisons. Our independent status gives you the advantage of seeking unbiased advice on your air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems without the risk of compromise or being tied to one particular supplier. 




Once an HVAC system has been purchased, it needs to be fully integrated in the correct way, with every detail fine-tuned by a specialist. We project manage the entire operation, liaising between designers, integrators, the shipyard and the client to guarantee clear channels of communication and quality assurance on a build project. We protect your interests by ensuring integrators and subcontractors meet their contractual and quality requirements, and provide you with regular updates and status reports on the project. 






The decision to refit your yacht can have a significant impact on your HVAC system. For example, a renewed propulsion system will require the engine room ventilation and technical spaces to be upgraded to meet the new system demands. Likewise, air conditioning in the accommodation areas may need to be fine-tuned. We provide technology surveys prior to your refit to identify its impact and any possible challenges and follow this up with advice on the most suitable upgrade solutions. Once we have highlighted any necessary interior and structural adjustments we continue to provide support regarding the new design and engineering.




An HVAC system consumes approximately 50% of the total electrical load on board a superyacht, but this means great energy saving solutions within the system are available. By inspecting and/or monitoring your current system, we can optimise it to reduce your overall energy consumption, simultaneously decreasing your environmental footprint and economising on fuel. By recalculating your true system requirements, we can reduce your power output and downsize your equipment, which means less weight, less technical space and smaller tanks (or larger range). There are multiple options available to make your systems perform better, such as cooling on demand, CO2 controlled systems, economic modes, and more. At Synergy, we identify your needs and implement these smart solutions in the HVAC system.



Synergy specialists audit and review your current onboard HVAC system to ensure that it consistently runs at optimum performance. We recommend when improvements can be done, and provide continual support by writing the upgrade specifications and ensuring that these are implemented according to your wishes and demands.






Every yacht has its own unique design, and a tailored HVAC system is an integral component. We are experts at what we do, writing bespoke specifications, using the most up-to-date technologies, and guaranteeing a seamless, almost invisible integration. Our expertise even extends to reviewing the specifications and design of your new build or your system upgrade.




Energy conservation is at the forefront of the yachting industry at present. In addition to technological innovations, there are ways in which you can cut energy consumption purely by readdressing how your yacht is being run. By reviewing your existing HVAC system, we analize your yacht’s current energy consumption and provide you with a written report that outlines how you can best achieve significant energy savings. We then work together with you to make both your yacht and HVAC system more environmental friendly without having to compromise on comfort or performance.




We fully believe that you can only get the best out of your HVAC system if the onboard users know what they are doing. That is why we provide comprehensive crew training to equip those on board with a greater understanding of all aspects of the system. This not only results in superior comfort onboard, but also helps to reduce costs, such as avoiding interior damage during periods of high humidity when the yacht is in economic mode. The training covers a basic knowledge of HVAC to understand the underlying physics, and practical training to master the onboard system. Awareness and understanding are key to maintaining a perfect working system.




During the tender phase we serve as consultants, taking the lead to compare all HVAC offers and review their technical and functional specifications. All proposed HVAC systems need to first be made equal and then tailored to your needs and expectations. We rely on our vast years of experience and expert knowledge in these processes to guide you through this stage and advise you on key decisions. There are multiple elements and modes of performance within an HVAC system that need to be individually evaluated and considered, not to mention variable costs and proposed solutions. Our independent status stands us apart from all suppliers and enables us to provide impartial advice. At Synergy, we are driven by performance, and nothing else.